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What we do

A Channel For Humanitarian Aid

Kyle and Anya have served with YWAM Kyiv for 22 years and led the mission for the past 12. With the ongoing crisis, their focus is clear:

Hot Meals, Food Bags, Temporary Homes

Our Kyiv based team provide hundreds of freshly cooked meals a day as well as deliver bags of food and other supplies to the hardest-hit areas. We are also building homes for Ukrainians before winter hits.

Evacuation and Transportation

As the war fronts continue to shift, we provide transportation for fleeing civilians.

Medical Supplies

We deliver medicine and other supplies to hospitals and makeshift clinics.

Create Awareness

Ukraine is facing their darkest day, but hope is not lost. Believers around the world can join us in humanitarian aid and eventual rebuilding.

100% of your giving brings relief to the people of Ukraine

Private donors cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing your whole gift will help the people of Ukraine.

100% relief to the people of Ukraine
0% Operating Costs

A $40 Donation Feeds a Small Family For a Week


If you would like our directors Kyle and Anya Schlegel to speak at your church service, business meeting or event, please fill please contact us.

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