Rebuilding Ukraine

Can you help us rebuild Ukraine?

After the war, the amount of devastation that faces the Ukrainian people is immense. We plan to support the rebuilding effort through channeling funds and volunteers.

How can you help with the Rebuilding effort in Ukraine?

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Help clear roads, from the rubble of destroyed buildings as well as hundreds of vehicles, tanks and other debris are scattered across the country.

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Thousands of homes lay in ruins. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers and more can help give people a place to live again.

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Nurses and Cooks

Those with medical medical training can help treat the injured and cooks can provide hot meals for those without a home.

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Planting Trees

Replant the many parks and green areas were targeted and destroyed.

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Help bring in supplies and displaced Ukrainians from bordering countries.

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Manual Labor

There will be no shortage of ways to help for anyone that wants to help make a difference.


Yes! I want to help the rebuilding efforts.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

If you have questions about volunteering in Ukraine, read below.

Are you accepting teams and youth groups?

Yes! We would love to organize a trip for your church youth group or team, however there is an age requirement of 18+ years old due to the circumstances in Ukraine.

How long are most trips?

The ideal length is 2 weeks or more, but we'll still be happy to have you come if you are only able to be there a shorter amount of time.

When will rebuilding trips happen?

As of July 2022, we are inviting teams to come help us rebuild the Kyiv region. Sign up to come on a trip!

What are COVID requirements to enter Ukraine?

There are no COVID restrictions. No vaccine or testing is required for entry.

Who will I be working with?

You'll be banding together with other volunteers from our partnering Faith-based organizations in Ukraine. We think you'll make friends.

What are volunteer requirements?

Volunteers should be 18 years of age and ready to work hard. Construction and building skills are highly valuable, but anyone willing to help can make a difference.

Join as a volunteer

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