Spring Road Kyiv

We are a 5013c currently focused on providing humanitarian aid to rebuild Ukraine.

Entire cities are being destroyed and over 4.5 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee. The need for relief aid is greater than ever.

Due to the ongoing war and crisis in Ukraine, our focus as a non-profit, is providing relief and aid to the immense need in Ukraine. After the war, we will join the rebuilding efforts.

Before the war

Support orphans and refugees in Ukraine through

Spring Road Kyiv was officially started as a 5013c in 2019 with the purpose of creating a channel that enabled resources and volunteers to effectively minister in Ukraine.


Mobilize volunteers and resources to help rebuilding efforts.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left a entire cities destroyed, with infrastructure and public services being specifically targeted. Hundreds of thousands of families have lost everything. After the war, much of the foreign aid that pours into Ukraine will focus on large rebuilding efforts, leaving the individual homes of displaced people as low priority. It may take years for them to reach around.

Our pre-war focus

Training and Equipping
for students and young people.
Mercy Ministry
Humanitarian aid for orphans, widows and those in need.
to show the love of Jesus through kids camps and team mission trips.


We believe in a bright future for Ukraine

Jeremiah 32 talks about how Yahweh tells Jeremiah to buy a piece of land with a deed at the very moment that Jerusalem is besieged. Why did he do that? It was an act pointing to the future...of hope!

Yes, it is true that right now Ukraine is a country at war, not by its own choice. Nevertheless, we still have hope for the future! This photo is the architectural drawing of our dream for YWAM Kyiv. A place of learning, discipleship, camps, youth events and hospitality.

Meet our board

Here's our team

Kyle & Anya Schlegel
Randy Kitzmiller
Tanie Guy
Board Member
John and Molly Lotut
Board Members

A $40 Donation Feeds a Small Family For a Week


If you would like our directors Kyle and Anya Schlegel to speak at your church service, business meeting or event, please fill please contact us.

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