Apr 20, 2023

Update on Numbers for Waves of Hope

A summary of how we are doing so far with fundraising and teams.

Update on our numbers!

Recently we sent out a request for help - As YWAM Kyiv we need to raise finances for building 50 out of the 100 homes we plan to build during WAVES OF HOPE. We want to bring a wave of hope to the Chernigiv region that was so devastated by occupation at the beginning of the war.  

Please keep praying and consider if you can give or if you can come.  Out of the $475,000 that we need, so far $142,500 has been donated - that is 30%!  

For Each Wave of Hope We Need: 15 building teams 2 kids ministry teams 2 evangelism/Bible distribution teams 2 worship and prayer teams  

WAVE OF HOPE 1 | JUNE 9-18  We have 10 building teams. We need 5 more building teams.  

WAVE OF HOPE 2 | AUGUST 18-27  We have 7 building teams. We need 8 more building teams.

For Both Waves we have 1 kids ministry team, 1 evangelism/Bible distribution team and 1 worship/prayer team coming.
We need 1 more ministry team in each category.  

DONATE http://www.ywamkyiv.org/give

COME http://www.ywamkyiv.org/come

MORE INFORMATION teams@ywamkyiv.org

This update contains no pictures.