Aug 1, 2023

Wave #1 is done- Wave #2 Coming!

Update and Youth Center to be Built

YWAM Kyiv began in 1993

30 years later, we did not anticipate finding ourselves as a mission in the middle of a war. In the midst of this devastation and hardship we look for ways to shine the light of Jesus and bring hope in the darkness! Esther in the Bible was in the right place at the right time. She was challenged,  "And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14) We too, at YWAM Kyiv, look at the opportunity to serve Ukrainians during the war as a privilege and responsibility at this time. We must continue to bring WAVES OF HOPE, but we can't do it alone!

We still need more help for Wave of Hope #2 that is from AUGUST 18-26, 2023.

In June, during the Wave of Hope #1, we built 32 homes for people who had lost theirs in the war. During this wave we will build 40 new homes! We will also run kids camps, share the gospel with people, distribute bibles, and pray for people.PLEASE HELP & PRAYWe need financial donations to cover 12 more houses!

Each house is 9500 USD.In total we need to raise 114,000 USD.

We still need at least one more building team - could you come with a few friends or family?


At the beginning of the full invasion of Ukraine, it started with Kyiv. The first 45 days of the war, the fight was north of Kyiv. The Russian army came in on foot and took over territory, then our defenders pushed them away and liberated our land. Many villages have suffered from cruelty, violence, rape, killings - the presence of the Russians. There were many villages that suffered from cross fire and also went through the horrors.Lukashivka is one the the villages in Chernihiv region, that was under the occupation for 45 days. During the last Wave of Hope in June, as we did a youth camp, we met a group of young people from there. They opened up with many horrific stories. We cried a lot with them and so amazed with their resilience. Along with stories of fear, violence, death, rape there were stories of heroism, saving lives and risking their own lives.That village and the youth touched our hearts deeply. We shared the Gospel with them, prayed with them, but felt that God was not done. He wants to keep bringing them healing and restoration, He wants to keep building their lives and give them future!There is an old school in the village that the youth were using as a gym and a place to gather together. It was damaged during the invasion and we want to rebuild it!It is not a home for a person, but we believe it is a Home of Hope for the youth of that village. A place where God will move, speak and build their lives. Our partnering church will keep on coming to work among these youth and so will we.

Please join us in prayer for this project, join us in giving towards this project and let’s together develop world leaders out of these beautiful young people of Lukashivka.

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